Health Insurance for Foreign Students in Germany

An important aspect when studying in Germany is finding the suitable health insurance. One should think about this topic early because it is necessary for the application. It is said by law that every person that lives in Germany has to have a health insurance.

Health and Medical TreatmentThere is a difference between the compulsory health insurance in which one is a member automatically and the private health insurances that require certain circumstances. For international students there are some more appointments, for example the health insurance from EU-countries can be accepted in Germany. Those who already have an insurance in their home country should ask if this is accepted in Germany.

Even if the health insurance is accepted it can be good to have an additional private health insurance. The conditions and benefits of the home health insurance can decrease in Germany and not all costs are covered or certain benefits are not paid at all. It is important to get the information and avoid high co-payments.

In Germany one has to pay 10 Euros for every three months in which he or she visited a doctor, if insured. Without the insurance these costs and the costs for drugs and other medical treatment can increase very fast even if nothing bad happened. Those who do not want a health insurance because they think it is only necessary for bad illnesses or accidents are wrong. Also accidents can happen easily during the time abroad. It can be a simple sports injury or a traffic accident whilst shopping in the city. If hospital stays and operations are necessary the costs cannot be covered by students. An additional private health insurance covers the costs that would provoke high co-payments with the normal insurance.


An additional health insurance or for short trips a travel insurance covers the most important basic treatment and moreover contains the benefits for the own situation.

Especially for students who spend a long time studying in Germany it is important to cover the medical and dental treatment. The normal consultation already causes costs that have to be paid. A chill or different normal illness do not become agony but one can go to the doctor without fearing the costs.

Normal consultations may dominate for most students, for women there are also visits at the gynecologist. But the private health insurance offers even more for the students. If coming to hospital because of an accident and needs to stay longer is confronted with high costs, these are covered from the private insurance. Another point that no one is wishing for but that can occur and is blasting every student’s budget is a transport to a hospital in the home country. When having real bad injuries and long hospital stays can this opportunity be considered and almost no insurance from the home country will cover the costs. A private health insurance for foreigners instead covers the amount.

But in Germany there are numerous providers of the different insurances and they differ a lot from each other, what the clients do not always recognize. Differences lie in the single benefits, in the covered amounts and in monthly costs paid from the clients. For students during the studies abroad money can be an important argument.

To offer every student in Germany a special offer the insurance experts from MAWISTA have established themselves in this area. Special offers which cover the need during the time abroad and fair costs have convinced numerous students. Points like making a “certificate for administration” which is used for the visa application are naturally and go without saying.

All conditions and benefits in a whole can be found by clicking here. At this page one can get a quick overview and compare the benefits of the Health Insurance for foreign nationals in Germany with those of the MAWISTA rates.

The insurances from MAWISTA are also very suitable because they can be booked comfortably and easily over the internet. It is therefore possible to complete the insurance in the home country. The only thing that has to be done is filling an Online-Form with important information about the own person.

Besides the health insurance it can also be reasonable and necessary for international students to book a personal liability insurance or a baggage insurance.

More information about German Health Care and Insurance System can be found at:

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