Semester Abroad in Germany

Doing a semester abroad during the studies is an enrichment and valuable experience in every country. Germany, in particular offers positive chances not only for European students but for young adolescents from all over the world.
Semester Abroad in Germany
The good and prestigious education at the universities and technical colleges in Germany and the practical study programs in combination with the distinctive industry form good reasons for a semester abroad in Germany.

During the semester abroad or a year abroad one can get to know a country that has an important position in the European Union and all over the world; political as well as economical. Germany is a strong export nation and has numerous companies with headquarters in foreign countries.

Therefore, it is also an advantage to learn the German language. It may not be as important as English or Spanish but it can also be an advantage concerning business contacts.

Doing a semester abroad in Germany and being confronted with the language every day in the studies and in the free-time is the most efficient way to learn the language and to combine learning with many great experiences.


In Germany, it is possible to do numerous activities and trips besides the studies. Most of the big cities have a historical tradition and are very interesting. Furthermore, there are many different landscapes that have their own secrets and can fascinate on their own way. For sports fans, there are hiking tours, canoeing or winter sports and big cities allure the fashion and city lovers.

In which way the semester abroad is being done depends on the home university and the best time has to be matched to the study program. Students from European countries mostly use the offers from the ERASMUS program. This offers not only numerous universities but also supplies the students with organisation and financial help. ERASMUS students for example, do not have to pay tuition fees and get grants for living and travelling. For students from other countries, there are partnership programs as well mostly between the different universities. They can also get some grants. Those who want to come to Germany on their own can do this as well they just have to apply at the universities.

The question of “when” cannot be answered overall. There are study programs that have a certain time where they have to do their semester abroad others don’t have rules at all. It is often said that doing it after the third bachelor semester meaning the basic studies is the best time because one already knows the important basics and can do the studies in a different language. In the end everybody has to decide on his or her own involving the situation and personal opinions.

Very important for the semester abroad is to ask if the grades from the other university can be added to the grades and achievements of the home university. Especially in the Bachelor and Master programs it is possible to credit exam achievements. If something can be charged or not depends on the home university. It is always a good idea to ask before the time in Germany what achievements can be charged and concentrate on these.

Those who decide themselves for a semester abroad in Germany find themselves before a big mountain of organization efforts and questions. The foreign office of the German University can help with these questions and answer them. It is always a good idea to get all the information early enough to see possible problems that could occur and solve them. Those who have planned assiduous do not have to worry.

Important topics that have to be considered are application documents, health insurancevisa and residence permitfinance and educational system.

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