Top Universities in Germany to study Material Engineering

Top Universities in Germany to Material EngineeringMaterials science, also commonly known as materials engineering, is an interdisciplinary field applying the properties of matter to various areas of science and engineering. However, this specific subfield is offered by some Universities only as a Master’s Degree program.

Here are Top Universities in Germany to Study Material Engineering*:


Owning a reputation of being one of the leading technical universities in Germany, partly for its engagement in pioneering work, the Technical University of Darmstadt come first in the wide range of options to study electrical engineering in the region.  The principle of the indivisibility of teaching and research is common to all German universities. Mention must be made, however, that research at the TU Darmstadt has had a long and particularly successful tradition to date.


Understanding and controlling the production, processing and application of materials are some of the most important challenges in today’s globalized world. The Master’s degree in materials engineering at Saarland University aims to provide students with a practical and applications-driven postgraduate program that covers advanced aspects of materials technology and engineering.



The core of the course offerings is the Bachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering opposed to the other Universities that have it only as a master’s program. The materials engineer deals with all issues of development, production, processing and recycling of materials and materials. A great approach closer to the industry facilitates future employment and one gains quickly an idea about the requirements and skills required in their future careers. Developing a carrier on this particular matter obtaining a Bachelor of Science may be advanced in this university also with a related master’s degree.


The Elite Master’s Program in Advanced Materials and Processes (MAP) is an international, English language degree program which aims to train excellent Bachelor’s graduates from the fields of Materials Science and Engineering and Chemical and Biological Engineering or related backgrounds. The interdisciplinary program is funded by the Elite Network of Bavaria and is hosted at the School of Engineering at the Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

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