Art and Design Schools in Germany

Germany is a wonderful destination to pursue your artistic career and get a highly-valued qualification. German universities are consistently ranked among the top worldwide universities, due to their excellent teaching, research, as well as the welcoming and diverse environments they offer. No matter what your career interests are, in Germany you will most definitely gain the skills you need to excel in your professional life.

Depending on the country you are currently based in, it is not always possible to attend a portfolio course on-site and to prepare accordingly for an entrance exam to study art in Germany. This is why we highly recommend you join an online portfolio course to increase your chances of getting admission at your preferred university.

If you want to create a career in the field of art and design, Germany is an outstanding choice. Numerous German universities offer practice-oriented options, combining this way both theory and practice so students get the most of their degree and qualification. Studying in Germany means you will get to be part of a beautiful, diverse, and cultural environment highly-regarded worldwide.

Here are some of the best Art and Design schools in Germany:

1. Berlin University of the Arts

The Universität der Künste Berlin, or Berlin University of the Arts, is one of the best art schools in Europe. This university is recognized worldwide for being one of the biggest and most diverse universities in the field of art and design. Pursuing your art qualification at this university means you get to be taught by outstanding professors who are the best at what they do.

A majority of study courses at this university have a tradition going back centuries ago. Students get the opportunity to learn more about a variety of art forms and extend the boundaries of art. With thousands of students across its art and design courses, this university creates skilled graduates who are brilliant at what they do.

2. Bauhaus University, Weimar

Bauhaus University offers a variety of undergraduate, master’s, and PhD programmes in the field of art and design. Around 1,000 students are enrolled in its courses, benefitting from the state-of-the-art facilities as well as the academic support provided by the university’s staff.

The undergraduate degree programmes in the Faculty of Art and Design at this university offer first-level professional qualification, with courses the likes of Media Art and Design, Product Design, Visual Communication, etc. It also offers master’s degree courses in numerous related concentrations, as well as a PhD programme in Art and Design, the only one of its kind in Germany.

3. University of the Arts, Bremen

Hochschule für Künste Bremen, or Bremen University of the Arts, is also one of the best universities when it comes to art and design. The Faculty of Art and Design at this university offers degree programmes in different fields of art, including Fine Arts, Integrated Design, and Digital Media. With a highly qualified academic staff, this university aims to provide utmost support to its students, by offering opportunities that help students discover their creative potential.

Students at this faculty get to explore all relevant fields of artistic expression, the likes of painting, sculpture, drawing, objects, concept, photography and media. This contributes to further enhance their creative skills and ensure they are fully equipped to overcome the challenges of today’s world.

4. Braunschweig University of Art

As one of the young art schools in Germany, this university is an internationally-oriented, artistic-scientific university, with around 1,000 students enrolled across its courses. It offers courses in the fields of fine art, teaching, design, art science, as well as media studies.

This university is one of the largest art schools in Germany, providing some of the best study conditions. Its workshops and laboratories help facilitate the learning process by offering hands-on experience and theoretical expertise by professionals in the field of art and design. Here, students may also find a photo studio for analog and digital photography as well as workplaces for film, sound art, computer animation, and video technology.

5. Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences

Studying art and design at Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences means you will be exposed to a wonderful environment of artistic minds. At this art college, you will find subjects like visual and performing arts, artistic therapies, architecture, philosophy, pedagogy, and economics.

This university promotes “thinking outside of the box” by combining science as well as art. The academic staff at Alanus University pays special attention to personal, scientific, and artistic development through collaboration between lecturers and students in small study groups.

6. University of Fine Arts, Münster

The Münster Art Academy was founded in the year 1971 as an institute for art teachers and became independent in the year 1987. At this university you can find a variety of courses in Fine Art as well as teaching courses for the three general school types.

Through intellectual freedom and exercising, researching, and teaching resources, this university provides its students and teachers with the skills to further develop the visual arts. Over 350 students are enrolled at this academy of arts, benefitting from its practical courses, international academic staff, as well as the excellent working conditions.

7. State Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart

The State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart is also highly valued when it comes to its art school. It has more than 250 years of history, offering 20 courses in the fields of art, design, architecture with around 900 students enrolled in its degree programmes.

These students get to study in excellent and welcoming environments, with the courses taking place in small classes with utmost supervision by professors. The academic staff pays special attention to developing artistic skills, technical knowledge, as well as practical knowledge. By being exposed to creative and artistic innovation, students become highly-skilled professionals succeeding in their dream careers.

8. The Academy of Fine Arts, Leipzig

This academy is one of the oldest art schools in Europe, standing for the highest level of artistic training for over 250 years. Offering a number of courses in the fields of visual art and graphic design, this academy has more than 100 partners in the aforementioned areas of study.

It is highly regarded for its teaching as well as practice, by consistently aiming to create an environment where students and teachers share ideas and engage in intensive discussion about art. During your time at this academy, you will learn how to carry out artistic projects on your own while being empowered to reflect on your own work with a critical point of view.

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