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The Best Cities to Study Abroad in Germany


Studying and Living in Bonn

Back in the old days, Bonn used to be a military settlement for the Romans where the wooden fort known as Castra Bonnensis and later Bonna was constructed - mostly because of Bonn’s accessible...

Studying and Living in Munich (München)

When going to Germany for your studies, be sure you will grab at least two valuable things with you: knowledge from top-ranked universities of the world, and hands-on real-life experiences from its many notable...

Studying and Living in Aachen

Aachen - Universities, Living Costs & Things to Do and See in Aachen Sitting in the border with Belgium and Netherlands, Aachen is the westernmost city of Germany which played a major role historically -...

Studying and Living in Bremen

The journey Bremen went through over the years resembles the roller-coaster ride which takes you up and down and back on your feet again. History played a major part in shaping the city and...

Studying and Living in Leipzig

In the years of existence Leipzig has gone from a small town to a business and cultural hub through turmoil and grace. Leipzig goes back over 1000 years when it used to be the...

Studying and Living in Hamburg

About Hamburg Once an entirely sovereign state under the Hanseatic League, the federal state of Hamburg is now home to over 1.8 million people and the largest city in Germany. Known as “the gateway to...

Studying and Living in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is the smallest but most compact metropolis in the world; it has people from all over the world travelling in for business, the advantage of miraculous tranquility within a rush hour and the...

Studying and Living in Augsburg

Augsburg is a city of 2000 years of history, cradle of German Renaissance depicted evidently by its surrounding architecture, a city of great faith in God and Religion with numerous devout temples reminiscent of...

Studying and Living in Berlin

About Berlin Berlin is not only the capital city of Germany but at the same time the biggest city of the Federal Republic with over 889 square kilometers. At the moment there are living about...

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