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germany home insurance

Home Insurance in Germany

Home insurance in Germany, although not mandatory, is an important insurance policy if you want to be on the safe side when it comes...

Car Insurance Germany

Car insurance is required by law in Germany, just like health insurance, meaning all drivers must have their vehicle insured. As a long-term resident...
uridije lajci

International Student Unfolds Her Erasmus Experience in Germany

The Erasmus experience is unique to each student who packs their bags and heads towards Germany. And it so happens that each unique experience...
Germany during coronavirus

Living and Studying in Germany During Coronavirus: How Will It Be...

Have you packed your hand-sanitizer and mask? Because these are the new essentials now. Forget this packing list we shared pre-coronavirus. Grab your mask...
part time working in Germany

Part-Time Jobs in Germany for International Students

International students see Germany as an ideal study destination, especially due to the quality of education, affordability, and opportunities to advance. Side jobs, or...
berlin germany

Best Cities in Germany for International Students

Studying in Germany is a wonderful experience for international students. This Western European country is magnificent in its landscapes and academic life. German larger...
Germany during coronavirus

What Should I Know Before Studying in Germany?

Before you embark on your journey to study abroad in Germany, make sure you are equipped with all the necessities, including some background information...

What Is Life in Germany Like for an International Student?

Germany attracts people from all corners of the world due to its numerous advantages, starting from the quality of life, job opportunities, as well...
coronavirus germany

Tips for Your First Semester in Germany Post-Coronavirus

The current coronavirus situation has made it difficult for everyone, including students, to carry on with their plans. Surveys show that the plans of...