Studying and Living in Cologne (Köln)

Cologne is the largest city in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia and also the fourth biggest city in Germany. This city has around 1,027,504 inhabitants and its 2000 year long history has played its part in shaping the city of Cologne into the beautiful metropolis we know today. Cologne, also known as the cathedral city, has a unique and colourful atmosphere while also being a hotspot for numerous musical, cultural, and mediatic trends.

Cologne has a wide range of cultural and historical treasures and museums, famous worldwide. Its cathedral is recognized as a masterpiece of the medieval Gothic architecture, a unique piece of work that surely catches the eye and attention. This city is equipped with 2000 years of history, and if you do decide to study in one of Cologne’s universities, you will have a splendid experience, not only academically, but also personally and socially.

Why Study in Cologne

Cologne is a popular study destination for international students in Germany due to its affordable living cost, the wide range of university choices, as well as its authentic living atmosphere. This city is both modern and historical, a classic clash of the two, something which makes it largely attractive to the masses.

Studying in Cologne means you get to be part of a diverse environment of people since the city is quite international and people tend to easily adapt to it. In the Middle Ages, this city became a significant centre of art and learning, and its rich heritage is still prevalent today, although the Inner City was completely destroyed during World War II.

This city is particularly attractive due to its village-like feel, despite being one of the largest cities in Germany with just over 1 million inhabitants. Its citizens and international students that arrive here each year, get to experience the best of both worlds, the country’s feel as well as the city’s vibrance. Colone is basically a large city, but people can still commute by bike or foot.

Cologne Universities

The universities in Cologne are as excellent as in other parts of Germany, which is known for its academic expertise and high-quality education. Numerous universities in Cologne offer programmes in English, and this is also one of the reasons why many international students are attracted to this city. One of the oldest European universities is located in Cologne.

The best universities in Cologne are:

1. University of Cologne

The University of Cologne was the sixth university established in Central Europe, founded in 1388 and closed in 1798 to be re-established again in 1919. This university is now one of the largest universities in Germany, offering numerous degree programmes across six different faculties. The University of Cologne has an excellent international reputation and its mission is to impart knowledge and prepare students for their careers early on. With more than 50.000 students, this university provides a diverse and comfortable environment where students can both study and socialize.

2. German Sport University Cologne

The German Sport University Cologne was founded in the year 1947 and it is the only university in Germany that specifically focuses on the subject of sports and exercise. This university is known for the qualified teaching it offers as well as its international research, which is at the highest level. The research, teaching, training, and all the other activities conducted at this university aim to highlight the expansion of sports science and its application. The classic campus university, full of greenery, provides the necessary comfort for students and staff to offer their very best.

3. Cologne University of Applied Sciences (TH Köln)

Established in 1971, Cologne University of Applied Sciences presents itself as the University of Technology, Arts, and Sciences, as its activities are constantly aimed at cultural and technological breakthroughs. This university aims to create new paths and contribute to solving the social challenges of today. It offers more than 90 study programmes, full-time and in some cases even part-time programmes. At TH Köln, you can find programmes in numerous fields of study such as Applied Natural Sciences; Architecture and Construction; Computer Science; Engineering; Culture; Information and Communication; Society and Social Sciences, and Business Studies. Students here enjoy an outstanding learning environment which is always aimed towards success.

4. Köln University of Applied Sciences (Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln)

This university offers a wide range of bachelor’s and master’s courses, both full-time and part-time, in the fields of engineering, economics and law, media, medical economics and health, as well as logistics management, and marketing. With more than 6,000 students, this university focuses on practical experience alongside the theoretical one. By dividing students into small semester groups, RFH aims to endure that students obtain the necessary skills to succeed in the job market. The widely applicable skills learned at this university help students become some of the best in their chosen professions. Students are appreciated and supported by the university throughout their course of study.

Cologne Living Costs

As one of the largest cities in Germany and the biggest in North Rhine-Westphalia, Cologne is preferred by internationals, both tourists and students. Its geographic location, as well as the lovely and qualitative living conditions, make this city admirable. But, people tend to like Cologne for its affordability as well, especially compared to other cities in the region.

Overall, Germany has an affordable cost of living, which is in accordance with the EU average. An international student in Germany needs around 861 EUR/month in order to live comfortably, which means around 10,332 EUR/year. The same is also true for students living in the German city, Cologne.

Rent, Meals, and Entertainment

Rent in Cologne for 1 bedroom flat (40 m2) is on an average 468 EUR/month, while utilities for the same flat average around 144 EUR/month. If you decide to rent a 2 bedroom flat (80 m2), you will have to pay around 945 EUR/month and an average total of 216 EUR/month for utilities. A ticket to the movies would cost you around 10 EUR, while a monthly gym subscription around 36 EUR.

To eat at a luxurious restaurant in Cologne, a meal would cost around 24 EUR, while at a cheaper restaurant, a single meal would cost around 7 EUR. Coffee is also not as expensive in Cologne, with an average price for a cappuccino or latte being 2.25 EUR. If you would like to make your own meal, you will find a loaf of bread for just over 1 EUR, while a large pizza delivery will cost you approximately 11.70 EUR.

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