Dual studies in Germany: What are the opportunities to both study and work for international students?

The combination of working and studying (dual studies) interconnects theoretical training in Universities, Academies or Professionals Schools with the basic practices of different business fields. Needless to say, it’s like gaining professional work experience during your studies.

Dual Studies in Germany

Numerous Universities, Colleges and Professional Schools in Germany offer opportunities for dual studies in several ways:

  • The programs which integrated training of dual studies enable training as well as studying. The objective of this type of training is for the students to is able to obtain the academic diploma and get over with their professional training school through an exam organized by the designated Professional School quarters.
  • The unified program of dual studies combines both studies and work for each of the fifty per cents of the training volume. The objective of this type of training would be comprehension of academic level, additionally enhanced by the practical skills gained through work.
  • The integrated professional program of dual studies is designed for professionals who have a job, commonly determined by the company the individuals are working for. The objective of this model of studies is for students to reach another academic milestone.

Dual studies for international students

Studying in Germany is quite attractive. Out of home experience, a new language and different novel practical perks can help develop your career without a doubt. Just as practical experience is considered an essential compulsory element along with your studies, regardless of your nationality, every international student is entitled to obtain a dual diploma in Germany.

The advantages of dual studies go way beyond the academic or practical importance and involve the contracting relationships in-between certain companies and the students they employ through a study contract over a period of time.

In order to get accepted there are certain criteria depending on the type of University or College you choose; it’s important to do some prior research. The diploma is equal to a Bachelor’s Degree or some Master degree which is further completed with internships during the summer months additional to working hours in the designated company.

Which companies support dual studies?

Many great Companies in Germany offer employment possibilities in different programs of dual studies. Official internet pages of the German Universities and Professional Colleges offer a database of such collaboration companies which is very helpful.

Programs of dual studies are highly requested among the student population. Corporations do both invest and sign contracts with students. Consequently, there have to be appropriate assortment procedures running. In order for students not to miss any deadline, students shall be well aware of all the alternatives of professional dual studies in Germany, around 18 months prior, just after the school finishes.  Applying to different companies shall be done 12-14 months before starting with the studies, ideally.

Documents requested for application are as follows:

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. Motivation Letter
  3. Photo
  4. Diploma/ High School Degree Certificate
  5. Certificate of acceptance in a German University (Hochschulzugangsberechtigung)
  6. Proof of sufficient German language skills

Requirements for a dual studies diploma in Germany

Basic requirements for acceptance are the high school diploma equivalent to a Certificate for entrance in a German University (Hochschulzugangsberechtigung), and a certificate of higher German language skills. Diplomas of German Universities elsewhere are accepted unconditionally. Other secondary educational institution diplomas need to be tested and approved. Responsible authorities would be the office for the recognition of diplomas (Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle) in the student’s place of origin. It’s advisable to be revised also within the German academic services (DAAD) and the German Embassy. The certificate of German language skills comes in a certified form – a Diploma, which can also be obtained through Goethe Institute in the student’s home country.

Dual studies through the double burden offer a unique experience, especially since it’s a new country. Both, the company and the University expect to successfully manage the timeline of the study program.


An advantage of the dual model of studies is the contract you sign with the company, which guarantees a certain paycheck for your contribution along your studies relieving you of some financial burden during your studies. The salary is diverse; however, it is equivalent to a German student’s paycheck. There is always the possibility of obtaining a scholarship. There are several international study funds that support the promotion of foreign students. However, financial issues have to be sorted out prior.

A to-do list for foreign students doing the dual studies program:

The decision to move and engage in a dual study program in Germany is worthwhile. This model of studying combines both pieces of training in theory and practical skills. The financial studies will be alleviated by the company that trains them for practical professional skills.   Graduated students are double efficient, in their studies and in practice. Above all, students get the proper language skills and an international experience.

Dual study training is a great opportunity before you launch in a certain profession.

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