My Experience Doing a Master’s Degree in Germany

I started learning the German language before actually getting to Germany. I attended intensive courses in my home country as a means of preparation for my move. However, coming here without first learning to speak the language, will still get you pretty far and fine. You will soon have to become fluent in German, either way!  Start looking for your German classes at the Goethe-Institut in your home country, if you are thinking about moving.

I chose Germany for its distinguished high degree of high-tech community and options. And this is apparent in all of Germany, not just a few major cities!

The reason I would recommend studying in Germany is the spark this country manages to give to your deep sense of creativity. Studies are time-dependent – you get to choose what works for you in Germany, pretty much everywhere!

  1. No tuition fees at public universities in Germany – literally free of charge for all students, domestic and international alike. The German higher education system consists of 400 institutions divided into public and private institutions. Public institutions are tuition free and they host over 2.4 million students, while the private institutions host a smaller number, less than 5% of the total student body. Prices of studying and living in Germany are very suitable for international students, while the most attractive reason remains the price of study! To get settled here, you have to go through Student Service Offices and get a flat in the student’s hall, which is way cheaper. My leisure time I spend outside with my fellow students – what’s more, transport facilities are very good and cheap, making the living conditions very affordable for international students too. The idea is that every student coming to study here gets a warm welcome feeling and a deep dive into their passion and possibilities!
  1. German universities hold a tradition of qualitative education, excelling infrastructure as well as curriculum. Packed dense with contemporary technology and a diversified professional staff that contribute to an enlightening curriculum provide a solid base for future generations of experts in whichever discipline of choice. German university degrees are recognized internationally, giving you a good start to an international career, without a doubt! And you can always give back to your home country, from the experience and knowledge gained through working in research or for a company there. Research problems are very industrial and of our time that you must continue to grow and learn each day in order to continue with your progress in the specific field you have been given the great opportunity to continue your work and studies.Even if you decide to return to your home country, you will still come back as a different person, with a lot of great experience and knowledge collected throughout your years abroad to help your country towards flourishing and prosperity!There are study programs available entirely in English if your German is not quite there, yet! You may want to go easy on yourself and take up the English program while your German skills gradually advance, in which case you can always switch to German. Another cherished aspect of studying here, is the open interactions and introductions to other students coming here from other countries. Getting close to your fellow students will provide more support for your study journey. Take this responsibility to enjoy this special time!
  1. Looking for a job to support yourself is the best idea for new international students in Germany! There is a limitation for international students, that are required a German visa, to also apply for a work permit if planning to work over the allowed student hours: 190 full days or 240 half days per year. Whereas, practice-oriented German universities have agreements with great companies to offer internships for students, which can lead to a great future job after graduation.Many campaigns are organized to raise awareness and interest to other foreign students about the conditions of studying in Germany – the world leading country in the cultivation of modern technology! “Study in Germany” campaigns are supported to raise awareness among students to benefit from the possibility of coming to study at the educational and research institutes that are abundant in German cities. Furthermore, Germany is positioned in the top list of the best industrial and technological countries in the world!
  1. Explore all aspects of the German way of life! German people are friendly, but they also respect and value your privacy! Germans are curious and they are friends for life, once open! Outdoor activities are popular, such as cycling, hiking, skiing, and more. Most German cities are artsy and have a vivid underground music scene, fashion, books and ideals, which will further expand your horizons and understanding! Getting to join the local group of friends, you will soon learn about the real life in Germany. There are many green spaces and parks in every neighborhood – the ideal spaces to calm your mind and get it together, especially before exams!Surreal landscapes, great architecture and loads of historical data to be revealed! Its efficient and safe public transportation is another perk of studying in Germany. You get a travel card for free by paying for your enrollment and administrative taxes in the university. You can also take the advantage and explore different cities at the same time. In this way you get to experience the whole region and its various dialects and you will absolutely have a wide-spoken language under your belt!
  1. You can seek work after graduation easily as the law allows international graduates to stay in Germany for an additional 18 months, specifically for finding work. If you are lucky as many of us, you will stay in Germany for longer and do the job of your dreams! You will certainly learn how to apply the knowledge gained in real practical matters. Plus, a lot of the companies collaborate with the universities, giving great opportunities to find work for most students. A lot of the problems you encounter during studies/class get resolved during a day at work! This is a great chance for students to also apply their knowledge and transcend.

As a very clean and beautiful environment, I like to spend my time developing further on my career here in Germany, as the technology is growing rather rapidly.

As a foreigner, you can also  become a  good international link for the German education methods and advantages. Therefore, ze Germans like to keep their doors of communication with friends open, warmly welcoming all students that are eager to gain substantial  knowledge through the German study material!

In the future, I hope to work as a sound designer or a recording engineer  and that’s what I’m learning a lot about – sounds and sound recordings here at the HAW.  And the courses are very practical. You get a direct experience during the projects by working hands-on.

“At home, I felt like I had wings, but they had been clipped. Suddenly, when I came to Germany, I had so many options and I was able to learn. I learn something new every day that I, now, feel like I have learnt how to fly!”

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