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International Students in Germany

Studying for free in Germany as a refugee

A very good news is there for you as regards of your higher education, as a recent refugee who got to Germany! Well, yes, you can study in Germany same as other international students,...
Getting a masters degree in Germany

How to Get a Master’s Degree in Germany?

There are great opportunities for anyone wishing to pursue postgraduate studies in Germany ‘the land of ideas’. To international students it offers the chance to contribute to the country’s historic academic records. The benefits...
Enrolling at a German University

Enrolling at a German University

Once you get admitted as a student in a German higher education institution, the next process is getting enrolled or “matriculated” in studies. This process involves applying to get your courses registered, in order...

Germany Will Lower Educational Standards For Benefit Of Migrants And Equal Opportunities

The German interior minister has announced his intention to drop educational standards in the country to help migrants get into school or find a training place. One of the greatest barriers to integration for new migrants...
Health Insurance for Foreign Students in Germany

Health Insurance for Foreign Students in Germany

An important aspect when studying in Germany is finding the suitable health insurance. One should think about this topic early because it is necessary for the application. It is said by law that every person that...
University admission criteria

University admission criteria

  In order for you to apply at a German university there is a need to submit the following documents: A duly completed application form The application form of the university must be duly completed, presenting the real...
The education system in Germany

German Education System

Though well-known for its world class education and top ranking universities, the educational system of Germany is experiencing continuous changes and reforms. Among other reforms undertaken in the last years was also the reorganization...
Das deutsche Notensystem

German Grading System

International students who want to study in Germany need to know about the German grading system for two reasons. First, one needs to translate the school certificate or report into the German grades for the...

Studying in Germany