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Home Living in Germany

Living in Germany

Liability insurance in Germany

Liability Insurance in Germany Guide

Life is full of unexpected events. Even if you do your best to stay focused at the moment you’re living you never know what...

5 Cheapest Cities to Live in Germany

The cost of living in Germany is quite affordable. But to you as a student every single cent matters and it is normal if...
arriving in Germany

First Things To Do After Arriving In Germany

Studying abroad in Germany is an exciting adventure, but the first days in the country are challenging for everyone who’s new in this area....

Apartments in Berlin

The German capital Berlin is a national economic powerhouse, hosting countless medium to large and globally valued companies in different sectors. Berlin is a...
internship in Germany

Internship in Germany

Your university degree in Germany may contain plenty of lab-based sessions to give you a sense of job-oriented skills, but nothing won’t equal then...
bank accounts in germany

How to Open an N26 Bank Account in Germany

Opening a bank account in Germany can seem an intimidating process if you have no prior knowledge about the German banking system. Plus, the number...
working in germany as an international student

Working in Germany

Germany is the fourth largest economy in the world and the largest in entire Europe. Its rate of unemployment is among the lowest in...
german states

German States

Baden-Wurttemberg Size: 35,751 square kilometers Capital: Stuttgart Population: 11 million residents The state of Baden-Wurttemberg is located in the southwest of Germany and it...

10 Best Cities in Germany for Work

Germany has the fourth highest nominal GDP in the world, making it one of the most powerful economies. Traditionally, the rate of unemployment in...