Plan Your Studies in Germany

Step-by-Step Guide of Everything You Need To Know About Studying in Germany

8 Steps To Study in Germany

Start here if you're new and interested in studying in Germany. This is a general overview of the process to study in Germany as an international students.

How To Apply To Study in Germany

This is a complete guide on the process of applying to study in Germany at different degree levels and their specific requirements.

Financing Your Studies

One of the most important challenges you need to take care of as a student is financing your studies. Read more about your options here.


Here are some of the key requirements to studying in Germany as an international student.

German Cities

You have decided to study in Germany, but you're still unsure about what city you should live and study in? Read about most popular student cities here.

Learn German

This is a step-by-step guide that was created with one goal in mind: To help complete beginners learn how to speak German fast.

German Education System

Read more about the public German education system, why it's so affordable, and why it's one of the best in the world.

International Study Programmes

Search for your ideal programme to study in Germany among thousands available.