Proof of Student Health Insurance

It is always important to remember that existing laws obligate every single person residing in Germany to get health insurance whatever the intention or the purpose of their stay in Germany is. For international students like you, health insurance is a necessity.

Proof of student health insurance is an essential part of your German student visa application and course enrollment. To put this in other words you won’t be allowed to enter Germany if you have not taken your student health insurance prior to your visa application and enrollment deadline at the University of your choice.

Germany prides a highly developed and unique health insurance system. Due to this, we’ve noted that many international students like you have lots of questions about proof of health insurance. Some of them lack an essential understanding of how the whole thing works. If you share similar concerns about your student health insurance in Germany we are going to solve this once for all.

What’s the issue?

Getting health insurance in Germany and getting proof of student health insurance in Germany are two different steps of the same process. Many international students fail to recognize that you cannot prove to the university that you’re covered by just getting your insurance plan.

So, how do I get proof of student health insurance in Germany?

A confirmation letter from your health insurance in Germany might be sufficient to apply for your German student visa. But to enroll university you must present a specific certificate which provides a bit more detailed information about your insurance plan to the admission board at the university you want to enroll.

What does that information refer to?

Proof of student health insurance provides the following information:

  • Your health insurance is sufficient.
  • You have either personal health insurance or family health insurance.
  • You have no obligations to a statutory health insurance policy because you have gotten private health insurance in Germany which provides the minimum coverage required by the public insurance plan.

Note that the certificate you submit will be valid for the entire duration of your studies. On the other hand, if you plan to transfer to another university then you will need to get a new health insurance certificate from a public health insurance provider.

Also, note that your health insurance certificate is offered free of charge from your provider.

Where do you get proof of student health insurance in Germany?

To get your proof of student health insurance you must contact personally the public provider in Germany from which you obtained your insurance plan. In your request, you must tell them why you need such a certificate so they know how to arrange.

What if I have private health insurance plan?

If you have taken a private health insurance plan you still need to get a document from a public health insurance provider in Germany that proves you’re free of any obligation to the national mandatory health insurance scheme. You can request such a document from the last public provider you had taken your public health insurance plan. If you have never been insured by a public health insurance plan, you can choose whatever public provider you want.

In some cases, you might not need to get German health insurance, but you can prove to have sufficient coverage from your health insurance you have taken in your home country. This applies to those students who come from countries to whom Germany has signed social agreements.

Again, your confirmation coverage issued from your health insurance provider in your home country won’t be sufficient as a proof of student health insurance. Neither will a copy of your health insurance card.

If your current health insurance plan is recognized in Germany, you must get a document from a public provider in Germany which proves you have enough coverage and specifies that you’re free over obligations to statutory health insurance system.

It may happen that your health insurance plan provides limited coverage for your medical needs. It is very important that you precisely describe as to what extent you want your insurance to cover you.  If your insurance does only provide partial coverage to a fixed upper limit cost, it won’t be recognized in Germany.

To this end, Germany has signed Social Security agreements with many foreign countries including EU and EEA member states. If you’re a resident of any of these countries and you have obtained statutory health insurance in any of them, then your insurance plan is recognized in Germany.

In addition, there are 20 other non-EU and non-EEA countries with which Germany has signed a social security agreement, therefore, their students won’t need to obtain German mandatory health insurance in the first place.

The following non-EU and non-EEA countries have social security agreements with Germany:

Australia, Albania, Brazil, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, India, Israel, Japan, Canada and Quebec, Kosovo, Morocco, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Republic of Moldova, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey, Uruguay and USA.

But the aforementioned rule applies again; you won’t be able to use your health insurance taken in your home country as proof of student health insurance in Germany. To do so you must send the certification of your mandatory insurance to a German public insurance provider and request a document as a health insurance proof for enrollment at university.

In some occasions, foreign private health insurance might be recognized in Germany. If you decide to study in Germany while having such type of insurance we highly recommend you to ask them in the first place if their insurance plan will cover you in Germany.

An important note: In normal conditions, it won’t take a long time to get your proof of student health insurance. But, if at the time of enrollment your request to a German public health insurance provider for the proof of student health insurance document is pending approval you can still enroll your course on the condition you possess a paper to prove that. However, it is recommended that as soon as you receive the document of your student health insurance after your enrollment you attach it to other documents previously uploaded.