Study in Germany for Pakistani Students

Studying in Germany for Pakistani students

As of Winter Semester 2017/18, Pakistani students were amongst the largest groups of Asian students at German universities, counting 5,228 students in total.

German universities are highly research oriented and enjoy a global profile, valued for high-quality education, state of art facilities, affordable costs, world-class academic staff and consequently invaluable future prospects. That said, it is not hard to see why Pakistani students (as many other foreign students indeed) want to come to study in Germany.

If you’re a Pakistani resident willing to apply for a degree in Germany, but who has no relevant information about what to do next, keep scrolling down this article.

Here is how to apply to study in Germany for Pakistani students:

Finding Your University in Germany

The German higher education system is unique and it may have large differences with the system you’ve encountered in Pakistan. For that, you must first understand the division of higher education institutions in Germany to make it easier for you to pick up the best choice.

Higher education providers in Germany are divided into three major groups:

  • Universities (Research and Technical)
  • Universities of Applied Sciences
  • Colleges of Art, Film, and Music

As you might be guessing which one of the above to choose for your studies in Germany we bring you some major differences and see which options are aligned with your educational goals:

Universities are mainly academic-oriented where theory is given a priority over the practice. However, despite that most of the time you’re going to learn theoretical approaches in different subjects, your course may also involve several practice sessions. Furthermore, in a technical university, you will be participating in real life professional settings through placement years, but the majority of your course will cover theoretical concepts and topics.

There are universities in Germany, which offer a wide range of courses in various subjects while there are also universities which specialize in a particular subject. In contrast to most Universities of Applied Sciences, Universities offer doctorate courses.

Universities of Applied Sciences

If you’re a type of student who is willing to be more equipped with more practical market-oriented skills, than Universities of Applied Sciences are the exact match for your future goals. Practical sessions in real life settings, be it in Germany or companies abroad, will count for a majority of your course modules. You can gain a bachelor and a master degree in these universities, while doctorate degrees are not that often.

Colleges of Art, Film, and Music

If you have a talent in an art subject and you want to get a degree in Germany then Colleges of Art, Film, and Music are the perfect choice for you.

Regardless of the type of the universities, you’re willing to enroll in Germany there are countless opportunities for Pakistani students. Since there are so many universities in Germany we suggest you start preparing for this stage well in time. If you have clear goals about where do you want the university to be located, what do you want your study program to contain and what are your long-term goals, then finding a suitable degree course in Germany is not that hard.

Initially, you can start with a list containing several universities you might consider as options, and then gradually narrow down your focus until you finally decide for one. Usually, universities’ websites display information regarding the course modules so you know what to expect and see if it’s what you’re looking for. We suggest you start at least one month before the application call is opened.

Requirements to study in Germany for Pakistani students

After you’ve found the course of your desire it is time to check and fulfill the entry requirements. For that, visit the website of the University of your choice and their sections about university requirements.

Entry requirements are set out individually by universities, therefore they change largely depending on what university you have picked up, the type of your course, your nationality and the academic level you’re studying.

Pakistani students applying for an undergraduate course in Germany must present the following documents:

Pakistani students applying for a postgraduate course in Germany must present the following documents:

Important notes:

  • Always ask your university if there’s a need for additional legalization on your documents or if they need to be notarized before submission, in addition to the translated copies.
  • Check if your previous qualification is recognized in Germany because if not you may be required to sit for a two-semesters preparatory course.
  • Your qualification may be partially recognized in Germany, hence you can only study for a short list of subjects at the university.
  • Always check multiple times if there’s nothing missing in your application paperwork.

German University Application from Pakistan

Pakistani students can apply to study in German online, by post or in person. The online application is more popular because it saves time and money. Most German universities run university’s applications through the joint online application platform known as UniAssist.

Those which are not part of this platform, run their personal online application platform. Usually, for making an online application you have to scan your documents in the PDF or JPG format.

Wait for the admission letter

As soon as the university receives your application will send you an email to confirm you’ve applied for a place at their institution and our application will be pending check. Note that German universities collect a huge amount of international applications and processing your application takes time, normally, up to several weeks.

German Student Visa for Pakistani Students

Pakistani students must get a German student visa in order to be permitted to study in Germany. Once you receive the admission letter from your university you must reach the German embassy in Islamabad or the German Consulate General in Karachi to initiate the procedures for a German student visa application.

The officials will explain you the details, but in general, the embassy will require you the following documents:

Important note: As for the proof of financial resources you can use several ways for proving your finances to cover your studies in Germany, but the most practical and popular way for Pakistani students remains the German blocked account. Read more about the process of opening a blocked account in Germany.

Accommodation in Germany

After you have been given a place in a German university and a student visa, you can now seek to find accommodation in Germany. There are enough options available, however, it can account for a huge loss of time which otherwise you would be using it to focus on your studies.

That said, we suggest you deal with issue ahead of your arrival in Germany. If you cannot find something suitable by the time you come to Germany at least you have identified some useful resources to help you find accommodation in the zone around and with the price you can afford.

Also, it is highly recommended you share your flat with some as most international students in Germany do the same. This will help you reduce the cost of living and studying in Germany to a large degree.

Additional Advice for Pakistani students

Learn the German language – Even if your chosen course in Germany is taught in English it is still preferable to learn some German because you will be constantly dealing with your German friends and locals. By having some knowledge of the German language you also increase your chances of finding a good job as German employers seem to value foreigners who can easily communicate with their customers.

Learn about German Culture and Food –  German culture and food are unique and entirely different to the customs, culture, and food in Pakistani. A basic level of knowledge of German culture will help you to avoid a possible culture shock.

Don’t expect college parties – The studying experience in Germany is completely different from that in other countries like UK and US where students often organize parties. In Germany, students are highly committed to their studies and they hardly have time to party.

The weather is cold – As a Pakistani student for the first time in Germany must also know that temperatures are colder than in Pakistan. If you’re not used to wearing a coat in Pakistan we suggest you consider buying one. The German climate is characterized by warm summers and cold winters, as the annual average temperature is around 10 ° C.

Socializing is hard – Germans are not unfriendly (what most wrongly believe), but they won’t become your friends just because circumstances want that to happen. So if it happens that a German colleague will hardly greet you don’t be surprised.