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Studying in Germany

Jacobs University – an international campus university

Located in northern Germany, Jacobs University is one of the country’s most international universities, characterized by a truly intercultural community of students and faculty. Founded in 2001 as a private English-speaking university, Jacobs attracts...
Germany University Entrance Qualification

German Higher Education Entrance Qualification – Abitur

If you ever planned beginning your higher education studies in Germany, you must unquestionably be aware that holding the appropriate entitlement to qualify you to do so, is one of the key requirements for...
Getting a masters degree in Germany

How to Get a Master’s Degree in Germany?

There are great opportunities for anyone wishing to pursue postgraduate studies in Germany ‘the land of ideas’. To international students it offers the chance to contribute to the country’s historic academic records. The benefits...
University admission criteria

Admission Requirements for a Master’s in Germany

The most important document to provide for admission in Master’s Degree in Germany is a suitable Bachelor’s Degree. It does not have to be a German Bachelor’s Degree, but it still needs to be...
How to open Deutsche Bank Blocked Account for Students

How to Open a Deutsche Bank Account/Blocked Account (Sperrkonto) for Foreign Students

Among other requirements for getting a permission to study in Germany and/or applying for a student German visa as a foreigner, is to prove possessing a document known as “Finanzierungsnachweis” – or proof of...
Study Medicine Germany

Study Medicine in Germany

Studying medicine in Germany contains many barriers and challenges but also offers an outstanding opportunity for the future. The job doctor is a job which contains a lot of responsibility and in which one has...
Becoming a Medical student in Germany

Becoming a Medical student in Germany

Education in medicine in Germany includes: innovative teaching concepts (training with simulators), new types of medicine courses (combination of practice and theory) and well-networked medical community. In Germany, due to the large demand of individuals...
More US students at German universities than ever before

Why should I choose Germany for my abroad PhD Studies?

Being skeptical about where to chase doctoral studies overseas, you must unquestionably consider Germany - “The land of ideas” as a unique option. In other words, there are firm whys and wherefores that make...
How do I become an eligible foreign Ph.D. Candidate in Germany?

How do I become an eligible foreign PhD Candidate in Germany?

Before we jump into the focus, as we explicated in the foregoing article, we want to make sure you know that there are vigorous reasons why you or anybody else would pick Germany to...
Which are university requirements as a foreign applicant for my German PhD studies?

Which are university requirements as a foreign applicant for my German PhD studies?

Starting your doctoral studies in Germany is the best way to add value to your career and persona. No doubts that by choosing Germany, you decide on a superior career and prosperous future, knowing...

Studying in Germany