Top 10 German Universities for International Students in 2019

Best universities in Germany for international students

Germany is among the top ten most popular study destinations in the world.

According to the official data provided by the German federal statistical office, around 380,000 international students are studying in Germany. With the same healthy growth of international enrollment likely to continue in the upcoming years, Germany will soon climb as one of the top 5 most popular study destinations.

After all, this is nothing to be surprised of. Many German universities rank among the world’s best regarding their global higher education standards. They’re valued for the diversity of study programs, excellent conditions for studying, modern facilities, world-class teaching staff, job and career opportunities. Besides this, most universities in Germany charge no or low tuition fees for their international students making it a still more attractive study destination.

There are currently over a hundred accredited higher education providers in Germany, including both private and public universities.

To ease that problem we ran a complete scan of public universities to make a list of the best German universities for international students in 2019.

We took a set of measures to get our list done. Overall, we focused on their global rank according to relevant rankings, the spectrum of their study programs, students’ employability and the practicality of their degrees.

Here are the top 10 German universities for international students in 2019:

Technical University of Munich

Founded in 1868, the famous Technical University of Munich is a referral point in the state of Bavaria. Today, they make it to the top list of best German universities while are also consistently ranked among the world’s best. From a historical perspective, TUM has not only been a leading teaching and research centre, by a major indicator of modern changes in Germany. At the time when this institution opened its doors, it provided young scholars with the skills and knowledge to push the industrial age forward.

Estimated International students: 12,000

Percentage share: 29%

Popular degrees: Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science.

Ludwig Maximilian University

The state of Bavaria prides another world-class university. Ludwig Maximilian University came into existence in the far year 1472 with a clear long-term mission to become a distinguished education and research centre. During this long and rich history, Ludwig Maximilian University has imposed an undeniable reputation for educational excellence and today it attracts many residents and international students.

Estimated International students: 8,515

Percentage share: 17%

Popular degrees: Medicine, Natural Sciences, Law Economics and Social Sciences.

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Carrying a massive legacy in educating young generations, in 2006 the Forschungcentrum  Karlsruhe and the University of Karlsruhe united in a single unity to what is known today as the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Thanks to research-oriented study curriculum, the variety of study programs, and modern education approach this university makes into the list of best German universities for international students.

Estimated International Students: 3,300

Percentage share: 13%

Popular degrees: Engineering, Mathematics, Law, Economics and Social Sciences.

Aachen University

Aachen University is considered to be the largest Technical University in Germany and one of the best at the same time. Prospective students have a lot of options in term of study programs.

Over than 144 courses are provided at this university. Leading academics and optimal conditions in their facilities are an assurance you get the best out of your degree.  In addition, Aachen University has a firm reputation in the industrial sectors, and as a result, many of its graduates land a good career once they get their degree.

Estimated International students: 10,500

Percentage share: 23%

Popular degrees:  Chemistry, Engineering, Materials Science

University of Heidelberg

Besides being the oldest university in Germany, the University of Heidelberg is also among the best. Since its foundation in 1386, this institution has climbed as a leading education and research centre. Students at this university can choose among a wide spectrum of courses which including all humanities disciplines, law and social sciences, natural sciences and medicine.

Estimated International students: 5,400

Percentage share: 18.5%

Popular degrees: Business, Medicine, Psychology

Humboldt University of Berlin

In 1810, the Prussian philosopher led the initiative to build a university whose vision was to introduce forward-looking principles in the higher education setting the launch of a new era in the academic world. Ever since the Humboldt University of Berlin became one of the best universities in Germany. International students choose this university because of the quality of education and its global reputation.

Estimated International students: 5,223

Percentage share: 16%

Popular degrees: Psychology, Neuroscience, Medicine

Freie University of Berlin

The Freie University of Berlin was founded in 1948 by a group of students and academics with the support of foreign allied forces amid persecution students of that time were facing. Despite not having a long history as other universities in this list, the Freie University of Berlin demonstrates firm excellence in teaching and research in Germany. That in mind, the Freie University of Berlin ranks among the best German universities for international students.

Estimated International students: 7,870

Percentage share: 21%

Popular degrees: Neuroscience, Biology and Biochemistry, Pharmacology.

University of Gottingen

The University of Goettingen was founded in 1737 during the Enlightenment Age. Today its name is associated with reputation and academic excellence. At this brilliant university, you can choose from a wide range of study programs taught across 13 faculties. With around 200 degree programs and over than 30,000 enrolled students, the University of Goettingen is one of the largest and the best in Germany.

Estimated International students: 4,1200

Percentage share: 14%

Popular degrees: Environmental Sciences, Agriculture, Chemistry

University of Freiburg

Officially named as the Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat Freiburg,  the University of Freiburg offers a complete set of degree courses from a wide range of subjects: humanities, natural and engineering sciences, medicine, law and technology. Due to its ranking as a leading university in Germany, the University of Freiburg continues to attract foreign students.

Estimated International students:  4,500

Percentage share: 18%

Popular degrees: Biology and Biochemistry, Arts and Humanities, Medicine.

Technical University in Berlin

Ranked 10th in our list of the best German universities for international students in 2019, the Technical University of Berlin is a perfect place to get your university degree. Three major aspects comprise the major goals in the mission of the TU Berlin: a globally appealing profile, successful graduates and a flexible administration. Committed to providing its students the best education possible, TU Berlin makes regular reforms to check and adjust their study programs to their progressive education approach.

Estimated International students: 8,040

Percentage share: 24%

Popular degrees: Mathematics, Civil Engineering, Automotive Engineering

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