Universities in Munich

The Technical University of Munich (shortly referred to as TUM) is regularly ranked amongst the world’s top 100 universities, but there are a lot more universities in Munich which are of a similar quality.

Their position at the top of the international education market is actually not an accident. These universities offer limitless study options for all incoming students, flexible and market-oriented courses, an innovation-driven community, excellent supportive services, an employability rate above the global standards afterwards, and overall a unique studying abroad experience you cannot find elsewhere.

In this large city, economy and education operate inter-connected to ensure there’s no such thing as a short supply of skilled employees in the job market. Universities maintain an extensive network of industrial partners to enable you to take part in real life experiments during your studies and learn you to apply your theoretical knowledge in practice.

To avoid a ton of online research required to identify these universities and their offerings, here we present you all state-accredited universities in Munich to help you know your options and which one matches your academic goals.

List of Public Universities located in Munich

Technical University of Munich

One just cannot talk about universities in Munich and skip through this outstanding academic centre. The iconic Technical University of Munich is amongst the world’s best universities and by no doubt the best universities, according to several relevant rankings. Its reputation stretches out across all countries of the world, as the university is a hub for prospective international students.

The variety of study programs (over 173 degree courses), excellent academic staff who are leading researchers in their field, a diverse student community and an overall studying experience which determines an exciting career for you, is a general picture that best describes this outstanding university.

Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich

Founded in 1472 Ludwig-Maximilians University is a synonym of excellence in research and teaching. Many foreign students gravitate each year in this university with the hope of becoming professionals of their study field. Currently, according to the official data, around 8,500 students are seeking to get a degree at this university, most of them a Bachelor or a Master degree. Study programs at this university highly research and market-oriented, aiming to prepare you properly for applying successfully your theoretical knowledge and technical approaches in real life experiences. Lastly, its modern facilities and a dynamic research community are there to provide you with an opportunity to thrive academically and individually.

University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich

University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich or Universitat der Bundeswehr Munchen (UniBwM) was founded in 1973 as a non-profit public higher education. Its campus is located in Neubiberg, a small town situated in the southeastern part of Munich. This institution has a limited number of places available for incoming students. Its enrollment range is from 3,000 to around 4,000 students.

Munich School of Politics – Bavarian School of Public Policy

The Munich School of Politics is part of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and it was established in the aftermath of the World War II, with a long-term goal of teaching young generations the principles of democracy and prepare them to apply these principles in their future political career. Beyond that, being part of the TUM, the Munich School of Politics strives to instill a grounding comprehension of natural sciences and technology to be able to respond properly to global political challenges originating and related to technological and scientific improvement.

Munich School of Philosophy

The Munich School of Philosophy (Hochschule for Philosophy Munchen) opened its doors for the first time in 1925. Among all higher education providers in Munich, this college is said to be the only one dedicated to philosophy studies with a particular emphasis on religion. At this college, you have the opportunity to choose from a long list of courses covering many aspects of philosophy.

Some of the courses taught at the Munich School of Philosophy are the followings

  • Philosophical Doctrine of God.
  • Philosphy of Religion.
  • Philosophy of Culture.
  • Philosophy history of Antiquity.
  • Philosophy of Modern Times.
  • General Ethics.

Private Universities of Applied Sciences Munich

Tertiary educational institutions of private ownership are more frequent than public universities in Munich. On the other hand, all private universities situated in this city are the Universities of Applied Sciences.

Below is the full list of private Universities of Applied Sciences you can find in Munich

Munich Business School

If Business is your area of interest and you’re looking out for an education that will improve your business making abilities, then Munich Business would be a nice fit. Despite that is a young university compared to the majority of German universities, this institution is among the best universities in Munich and nationwide. Nowadays it enjoys a global profile thanks to a proven excellence in higher education. Here you are provided with flexible courses, highly practical-oriented study modules and real-life experiences whose impact will follow you during your whole professional career.

Hochschule Macromedia fur Angewandte Wissenschaften Munchen, Campus Munchen

Hochschule Macromedia or University of Applied Sciences for Macromedia prides itself as one of the largest private universities of applied sciences in Germany. Their campus in Munich is amongst the largest and most appealing from numerous campuses scattered in several other German cities. Currently, there over 100 professors employed at the Hochschule Macromedia in Munich and over 3,000 universities are seeking to get a degree in one of the following study fields

  • Media Management.
  • Communication Design.
  • Film and Television.
  • Business Administration.

H fur Angewandte Sprachen, Munchen, SDI

The SDI University of Applied Languages in Munich is known as a national leading centre for young and talented students whose studying interests spans languages, economy, media and technology.

At this university, you’ll find seven Bachelor and Master state-accredited courses as shown below

  • BA International Business Communication.
  • BA Business Communication Chinese.
  • MA Intercultural Media Communication and Moderation.
  • MA International Media Communication & Technology, Communication.
  • MA International Media Communication.
  • BA Translate Chinese.
  • Double degree BA Translation & State Examination.
  • MA Interpreting.
  • MA Conference Interpreting – German Chinese Double Degree.
  • MA International Sales Management.
  • Master Internace o nal para Profesorer de Espanol Lengua Extranjera.
  • MA Translation Management.

Hochschule Fresenius Idstein in Munchen

Located at the heart of Munich, the Fresenius Applied University is among the oldest and best higher education institutions in this area of Germany. With a tradition of academic excellence spanning over than the past 170 years, this university promises an education whose quality is second-to-none.  If you study at the Fresenius Applied University in Munich you’ll be part of a community of inspiring researchers and leading professionals whose experience and expertise will indicate the shape of your professional and personal formation.

Choose from a wide variety of degree courses delivered through different modes of study: full-time, part-time and online.

Some of the courses taught at this university are the followings:

  • International Business Management BA, MA.
  • Automotive & Mobility Management BSc.
  • Business Administration BA, MSc.
  • Digital Psychology.
  • Real Estate Management.

AMD Akademie Mode und Design Idstein in Munchen

This university is part of the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences and the campus in Berlin one among few others part of this institution. AMD Akademie Mode und Design Idstein is home to all students who are passionate about fashion, media, management and design.

The Degree courses at this institution are designed to make out of you a professional whose intellectual competence will be highly sought-after in the job market. The university is part of an extensive network of partners to provide students with training sessions and job opportunities afterwards.

Some of the courses taught at this university include the followings:

  • Fashion Design BA.
  • Fashion and Design Management BA.
  • Fashion Journalism and Communication BA.
  • Spatial Concept and Design BA.
  • Product Design BA.
  • Fashion and Product Management MA.
  • Fashion and Retail Management MA.
  • Sustainability in Fashion and Creative Industries MA.

Mediadesign Hochschule Berlin in Munchen

In 25 years of its existence, the Mediadesign University of Applied Sciences in Munchen has positioned itself among the best universities in Munich. Valued for its modern educational approaches applied in a variety of state-accredited degree courses at all academic levels, this private university is a dream of many youngsters.

The list of courses taught at Mediadesign Hochschule includes the followings

  • Media Design BA.
  • Media and Communication Management BA.
  • Game Design BSc.
  • Digital Film Design Animation VFX BA.
  • Fashion Design BA.
  • Fashion Management MA.
  • Media and Communication Management MA.
  • Design Management MA.
  • Media Producing MA.

H fur Okonomie und Management Essen in Munchen

FOM Hochschule is located in the centre of Munich and claims to be the largest private university in entire Germany. Regardless of your academic interests, you will certainly find something suitable at this university because there are countless degree courses provided here from various study fields: business, engineering, law, computer sciences, to mention a few.

Here are some of the courses delivered at the FOM Hochschule:

  • Business Administration BA.
  • Finances & Banking BA.
  • International Management BA.
  • Public Law LLB.
  • Computer Science BSc.
  • Business Informatics BSc.
  • Electrical Engineering BEng.
  • Mechanical Engineering BEng.
  • Health and Social Management BA.
  • Nursing BA.
  • Social Work BA.

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